A seductive sweep of full, feathered flutter dancing across your lash line, that intensifies the depth of beauty within your eyes. False lash extensions in natural mink can uplift your spirit to have you dancing in the morning, as they awaken the queen inside you every time you flicker your lashes open. Comfortable to wear and simple to apply.

The name speaks for itself, "EXTRA". This lash provides volume and a good amount of thickness for the "Glamour" girl.

  • Volume: Glamour

  • Length: 6-14mm

  • Type: 3D MINK

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Watch this "How to Apply False Eyelashes" video down below

Ever wondered how to apply false eyelashes? Well sis, gather your friends and come watch me spill all this goodness. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave comments or email me at fernormfaces@gmail.com