Sweet Gurl

Sweet Gurl

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A seductive sweep of full, feathered flutter dancing across your lash line, that intensifies the depth of beauty within your eyes. False lash extensions in natural mink can uplift your spirit to have you dancing in the morning, as they awaken the queen inside you every time you flicker your lashes open. Comfortable to wear and simple to apply.

For that “sweet gurl” who wants to bat that wispy lash just a little bit harder (flirty) and want that natural oomph to her eyes for everyday wear.

  • Volume: Natural

  • Length: 6-14mm

  • Type: 3D MINK

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This 3d lash style in "Sweet Gurl" offers you a variety clusters of fluffy mink furs that is layered to help the eye to appear well rounded and opened


Watch this "How to Apply False Eyelashes" video down below