“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


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   As a teenage girl growing up in the islands of the Bahamas, it was difficult for me to embrace all of the beauty that God created in me; point blank, I didn’t feel beautiful. 

   We all have flaws (which is beautiful in Gods’ eyes, btw), but one thing that was not beautiful to me was my skin color.  Society made it seemed as though I needed to be lighter to be beautiful and to belong. My family and friends meant me well but, the nicknames that they had for me were (are you ready for this??), “Blacky, Black Black or Black Leg (which is true because my birthmark is on my whole right leg, but of course you cannot see it now becauseeeee, yeah you know it). Ummm, maybe I shouldn’t be this dark is what played in my mind. 

    At this point in my life I was searching to find myself and searching to figure out what will make me prettier.  I then became vulnerable to my insecurities and started using lightning crèmes which eventually became a part of my daily routine. Yes, way! Of course my mom did not like that idea but she always told me “Your Black is Beautiful.”

   The Bible says in Psalm 139:14 that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.  This passage became my daily affirmation and helped me to develop self-love which I decided to love me, “No Matter what.” My passion to do makeup came from a place where I once didn’t feel beautiful and I knew that I was not alone. Acceptance is beauty. 


I thought that maybe, I can be that person to not only make a woman feel beautiful, but to bring awareness as to what Beauty really means; laughter, happiness and self-acceptance is beauty.



   Beauty is being able to look back on your life and knowing that you did things for the sake of your own peace of mind and not for anyone else’s misguided judgment.  Knowing that you are worth the world and every positive thing it offers.  Now, THAT IS BEAUTY!

    My makeup career started when I relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2014. For the most part, I started off as a self-thought Makeup Artist, but then later decided to expand my horizon.  Classes and seminars with GlamourRX, Sam Fine, Tiyana Robinson, Renny Vaquez, GlambyIsoken (just to name a few) made me a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. 

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 Some of my amazing and beautiful work has been featured and published on Daystar Television Network, Good Morning Texas, Dallas Cowboys Apparel Website, Miss Plus America Organization, Curvy Connect Magazine etc.  I exude my passion for makeup therefore, I take pride and honor in satisfying my clients making sure that your needs will be met. I cannot wait to collaborate with you to bring your vision to reality!

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Professional Makeup Artist

Creative Artistry

Specialty in Natural Glam

Makeup Alterations & Touch ups

Special Events

Everyday Makeup

Camera Ready Looks

Runway and Photoshoot

Color Matching

Hd Makeup


Attentive Listener

Effective Communication

Excellent attention to detail

Work well under pressure

Patient  Concentration

 Intuitive Insights

Licensed to Slay

Fun Loving


Accepting Clients 

What is Fer.norm.e.nal /fəˈnämənəl/


very remarkable; extraordinary

Ex: Joanna's work is Fernormenal



remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, astounding, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable