As a model you always worry about the make up artist. The wrong make up can make or break your photos and make the whole thing a waste for the model as well as the designer, but I am never worried about that when I sit down in this ladies chair. Her attention to detail, knowing exactly which make up to use on which skin type and tone, and being able to bring forth the look both the model and the designer desires is SPOT ON! You can not go wrong with booking her for any event that you wish to be slated for the Goooods! Love her!
— Brittney

Thank you so much Fernormfaces for always slaying my face. I was published in magazine from photos that were taken after my face was beat by Fernormfaces. She is a phenomenal woman and professional makeup artist. Book her today for any occasion!!!
— Jazzy

Jo-Anna is very professional, talented and caring. I so enjoyed my makeover that I hired her again to do makeovers for my daughter and myself and we had rave reviews from her work. She was a definite blessing to my whole family because my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me. Everyone likes “eye candy” and she definitely transformed me into a piece of artwork. I look forward to our next encounter of the third kind.
— Kelle

I had a *spectacular* evening, Joanna, but it wouldn’t have been quite so without you and your gift. Thank you SO very much for being a woman who is living with purpose and using your God-given talents. You are *truly* a blessing. I’m so glad we met and I look forward to working with you again!
— Nicole

Beautiful artistry and professionalism was my experience with FernormFaces as she showed up and out for the Runway Dallas Preview event. The work was amazing and memorable. Looking forward to many projects together.
— Marcella

One of Dallas finest....very professional kind , and generous with a sweet spirit....she really makes you feel comfortable and the end results are you feel beautiful inside and out....Ever in need of a great makeover she is your go to women for your phenomenal experience.
— Wil-Taylor

She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have referred all my models and model friends to her and everyone has been so pleased with her work! Nothing but the best from Jo-Jo!
— Tamara

Excellent work. Hands blessed by the holy spirit to me and it portrays in her work ALWAYS. Love the joy that she puts in her work. FernormFaces paints with a purpose.
— Shandrea